Monday, 13 December 2010

Pachi pulusu (Tamarind Rasam)-1

This is my favourite recipe. We call this as pachi pulusu, means raw stew. This is the recipe prepared with out cooking. I usually prepare this stew when our taste buds loose the senses. The unique tangyness will revive our taste buds.

Shallots –Hand full
Green chilli –2- 3
Tamarind – about  big lemon size
Salt – 3/4th – 1 tsp

Soak the tamarind in water until soft.

Remove the shallots skin and trim the green chilli stalks and pound them together in a stone mortar using rock salt. Again, if you chop them the taste will differ. So try to avoid chopping.

Shallots, green chilli pounded along with rock salt

Squeeze the tamarind pulp and remove the strings and pulp. Now combine the onion and chilli to the tamarind pulp and add required water to get rasam consistency. Adjust salt.

Raw tamarind stew with shallots and green chilli

You can substitute shallots with Bombay onion. I don’t want to recommend white onion for this recipe.

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