Monday, 13 December 2010

Bread squares with sesame seeds

This recipe is a good treat for the fussy children also a quick breakfast on a lazy morning. So easy to preapare. I have chosen brown bread with thick slices.

2 Brown bread slices - Thick variety
2 tsp of roasted sesame seeds

For potato masala:
Boil and mash 1 potato
Add salt, Cumin and chilli powder to the mashed potato
Brown bread, Sesame seeds and Potato Mixture

Cut each bread slice into 4 squares.
Cover the bread peices with potato mixture
On each piece sprinkle and press some sesame seeds
Apply butter on a baking tray and arrange the bread squares and place them in the pre heated oven at Gas Mark 6.
Once the colour changes at the corners of the bread pieces, remove from the heat and serve warm with sauce or chutney.
Note: You can also use left over potato fry.

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