Saturday, 20 August 2011

Roasted Chickpea chutney with Coconut

A simple chutney with little effort. Unlike peanut chutney, you don't need to fry any thing. Just grind the ingredients and do the seasoning. You can also have it without any seasoning.
Roasted chickpea & coconut chutney


Pappulu / putnalu (Roasted chick pea) – ½ cup
Fresh coconut chopped into thin strips – ½ cup
Green chilli – 6 - 8
Amchur powder – ¼ tsp. You can substitute this with tamarind also.
Roasted chickpea, fresh coconut and green chili
For Tampering:
1 tbsp of Oil, Mustard, Cumin seeds, Urad dal, Curry leaves, Dry chilli

Grind roasted chickpea, coconut, green chillies and salt by adding little water into paste, like chutney consistency and keep it aside.

Take a pan and heat it with oil. When it is hot enough add Red chilli then urad dal, when they change colour, add mustard, cumin and curry leaves. Saute for less than a minute and pour on to the top of chutney.

Chickpea & coconut Chutney with Jonna dosa

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