Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rava Kesari / Semolina sweet

Rava Kesari jewelled with chironji seeds

This is a very quick sweet recipe that can be prepared in 10 minutes without any hassle. Though there are numerous ways to prepare, this is a jiffy way to achieve the right taste. To bring the rich and cool appeal, I have added the yellow food colour and a spoon of vanilla essence. Because of the essence, kids do like this very much thinking that, this is another variety of ice cream.

Semolina (Fine variety) – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Butter / Ghee – 3 tbsp

Vanilla essence – ½ tsp
Food colour of your choice – ½ pinch (Optional)
Chironji / Saara pappu – 2 tbsp

Heat a saucepan with butter or ghee. Add semolina and roast it under low flame. Simultaneously boil 2 ½ cups of water on the other stove. When the water reaches boiling point, add them to the semolina and stir. Increase the flame to medium heat and add vanilla essence and the food colour and mix every thing thoroughly
without any lumps and cover it with lid for 5 minutes. When the water gets absorbed completely, then add sugar and chironji seeds and mix every thing once again. Cover it with lid for 1 minute and remove from the fire.

You can serve it warm or cold. Children love this sweet because  of the vanilla flavour.
 Ready to melt

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