Friday, 1 April 2011

Plain Chapathi

 Chapathi with Mushroom and Soya curry

Though this is a simple recipe for most of the Asians, I felt to publish this recipe as I have encountered with many ameture cooks / newly married people who asks about techniques to make soft chapathi / roti. I have used whole wheat flour in preparing this. Though few people do like the colour of  bleached / refined wheat floor, I vote for whole flour only, as the chapathis / pulkas won’t be soggy even when they are cold unlike refined floor . Not only that, lots of fiber in the whole grains which plays a vital role.

Few tips to get soft chapathis
- Do not mix the dough too hard.
- Always add sufficient amount of water in the begining itself as it is difficult to mix the dough with water in the later stage.
- Knead the dough thoroughly finishing wtih few good punches.
- Always leave the dough covered completely for atleast 15-30 minutes.
- To get rid of the sticky dough from your hands, just after kneading the dough add 1tbsp of oil to your palm and knead the dough again, so that your hand becomes dough free.
- Always heat the griddle properly before placing the chapathi.
- Do not over cook the chapathi as it becomes hard if you do so.


Whole wheat flour – 1 cup
Water – 1/2 cup (Again this depends on the type of flour you use)
Salt for taste
2 tbsp flour mixed with 1 tbsp oil

Mix the flour and salt with water and knead it thoroughly and at the end pour 1 tbsp of oil into your palm and knead again for a minute and rest it for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Though few people add oil in the first place itself, I prefer to add it at the end so that the dough comes off from your hands with out any hassle and also less oil is required

Now divide the dough into 4 equal parts. The easy way to do is roll the whole dough into one long roll and cut into 4 parts using knife. Quicky one…

Roll the ball into round disc and sprinkle the flour mix and fold all corners and make it a triangle as shown.

Roll it again into medium thick triangle so that we don’t press the layers too much.

Heat a griddle and place the chapatti and cook for a minute.

Bubbles are appearing

When the bubbles appear, turn the chapathi to other side and apply oil. Turn it back and apply oil again, slowly press the chapathi until it pluffs from all sides and cook until you see brown spots.
 Chapathi fluffing like poori

Serve hot with any curry.
Chapathi with spicy mushroom and soya chunks , onion and lemon

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