Sunday, 3 April 2011

Few corners at my home

Thought to share few corners of my home with you all. I always wants to decorate each and every place artistically with simple efforts. The outcome is as below.

At the entrance. The top one is the mask made up of paper and plaster of paris which I bought in kerala during our South India tour in December 2010. Middle one is the Rajasthan painting bought during North India tour in December 2009. The bottom one is face of Lorg Ganesh, again bought in Kerala. The Side hangings are made up of bronze purchased at Puttaparthi.

A wooden puppet sticked to one of the bedrooms door

Outside of the hall door. The hanging bells on both sides are from Rajasthan and the top one is from Kerala. An integration of North and South.

The other side of the door, the elephant head made up of rosewood.

In the hall. My favourite picture Yashodha with Chinni Krishna presented by lovely sister. My little one always points at this picture and says, amma that's me...

This is the fire place in the hall, which I have covered it because of the little ones. A nice red and black combination decorated with the hanging bells on the sides.

A closure look. Tajmahal gaurded by the elephants. Tajmahal and the 2 white elephants are made up of marble. Guess what, one elephant I have purchased at road side for 50 Rupees and the other one for 500 Rupees in the emporium run by the government. What a huge difference in price but not the look. The other 2 brown elephants are made up of clay. I have decorated them using some fabric paints with a touch of copper and silver colours.

Will post some other corners at some other time......enjoy

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