Thursday, 25 October 2012

Paakam vundalu

Again this is another recipe which I learnt from my sister's-in-law friend. Pretty much similar to the one which I prepared earlier - Paakam pappu but the taste is bit different due to the slight variation.

Peanuts – 2 cups
Roasted chana daal / Putnala pappu – ½ cup
Sesame seeds  / Till – ½ cup
Jaggery – 1 cup heaped
Water – ½ cup

Method –
Roast the sesame seeds until they leave the nice aroma and keep them aside.
Roast and skin the peanuts and keep them aside.
Now mix the above with roasted chana daal (Pappulu)

Melt the jaggery by adding water under low flame and filter it.

Bring the jaggery water to boil until it forms the ball consistency.

As I mentioned before, to do the candy test, place a cup of water and add few drops of boiled jaggery syrup into the cold water.
Take the dropped jaggery syrup into your hand and try to make a ball. If it retains its shape, then it is the perfect consistency. If the ball falls off, then boil the syrup for few more minutes.
As soon as the syrup reaches the consistency, turn off the heat and add the peanuts, roasted chana daal and sesame seeds.

Mix everything and make balls even when the syrup is still warm.

Tip: to avoid the excess hotness, dip your hand in cold water once in a while.

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