Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kaaram borugulu / Spiced rice puffs

This is a nice low calories snack. Puffed rice mixed with roasted garlic, peanuts, roasted chick pea with a hint of turmeric. The turmeric itself gives the nice aroma.  This can be served as it is or can be mixed with some chopped onion, tomato and some fresh coriander.
Can also be eaten as a meal ....(Cheeky)

Rice puffs / Marmaralu – 200 gms
Peanuts – ¼ cup
Dalia / Roasted chick pea – ¼ cup
Garlic – 6-8 cloves crushed
Curry leaves – 4-5 strings
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Cumin – 1 tsp
Turmeric – 1 tsp
Red Chilli – 4-5
Oil – 1 tbsp


Heat a broad kadai with oil.
When it is warm add peanuts, red chilli and roast them on medium flame.

When they are half done add garlic.

Roast everything until the garlic gets browned and peanuts get crunchy.
Now add roasted chick pea, mustard seeds, cumin and curry leaves.

Fry them for few seconds and add the puffed rice

Toss every thing thoroughly, so that the puffed rice get coated with oil. At this point add salt and turmeric.
Keep mixing every thing until the puffed rice get mixed well and coated with turmeric.

Remove from flame. Allow them to cool down completely and then store in an air tight container. They remain fresh up to 10 days.
You can also mix some sev if you like.

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