Monday, 23 April 2012

Straberry lollies

On a hot day, the children will enjoy nothing more than a lovely refreshing ice lolly but rather than spending a fortune on shop bought ones throughout the summer, why not make your own at home?  At least you know what's gone into them and can make sure that they are healthy.  You can buy the lolly sticks and moulds from any supermarket.

Strawberries are the special fruits with seeds exposing outside. 

Take about 250 gms of ripe strawberries, wash them and remove the stalks.

Blend the strawberries into smooth juice without any lumps. No need to remove the seeds, yet if you want, you can strain the juice before pouring it into the moulds.

To give the extra sweetness to the puree, melt the jaggery using little bit of water and blend along with the puree. This gives the extra dark colour. You can also substitute jaggery with sugar or honey.

Pour the puree into the moulds and freeze it.


Strawberry lolly