Friday, 16 July 2010

Pulka / Roti


PULKA - the name itself is so HALKA (means light ). Easy to digest. Best recipe for the diet planners as it contains no fat. This is simple, unpretentious home cooking but very satisfying, healthy and easy. Rotis are made from small balls of wheat dough that are rolled out and then partially cooked on a hot griddle and then finished directly over high heat. The high heat makes the rotis puff up into a ball.

Whole Wheat flour - 2 cups.
Salt - 1/4 tsp. (Optional)
Water - 1 cup

Take a bowl ,add wheat flour ,salt, and mix 1 cup of water with it and make a dough by mixing well and cover it for 30 min. This will allow the flour to absorb water thoroughly and become soft which will leave an impression if you press as below.

Pulka dough

Now,pinch the dough with your fingers and make into balls by rolling in between your palms. Then take one ball ,press with all the four fingers till it becomes flate and circular,dip in dry wheat flour(both the sides of the circular plate).

Use a roti stick to make a circular thin rotis with it. Each ball has to be made into a circular chappathi with the roti stick (Penny thickness).

Heat the tava and put each circular chappathi on it for 15 seconds

After 15 - 20 sec slowly bubbles will appear like this

Bubbles appearing on the roti

Remove the roti from the tava and using a holder, hold the roti and show it to the stove flame (low flame) directly

Pulka started rising

when the roti bulges like a baloon ,turn it to the other side and immediately transfer it to the bowl.

Fluffy pulka

Serve hot with gravy or curry.

My son explained pulka as below.



Do not add oil or ghee to the tava.

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