Friday, 2 July 2010

Paala kova (Khoya / Doodh peda)

I still remember the great taste of paalakova made by the street vendors at the famous Y.V.street in kadapa. When I was a child when ever we go Y.V. street we don't enjoy the divine taste of this paalakova, given in banana leaf. It tasteseven  great when you lick it. That taste has inspired me to make paalakova for my kids. But most of it was eaten by my hubby dear (as he is crazy about paala kova).

Paala kova going straight into my hubby's mouth

I was thinking that this is the recipe done only by the great chefs (Mom & Athamma) only, but not. Any beginner can do this. Trust me.

2 litres of whole milk
¾th cup of sugar (You can add more if you like)

Cooking time : 3 hours

Gold top milk

In a Non- stick pan (This is the easy method and we can avoid the sticky sessions), bring the milk to a boil.
Keep the heat on medium high and boil/simmer the milk for about 2 hours, stirring in between.

                                                     After one hour milk looks like this

After 2 hours milk becomes like this

By the end of two and half hours, the milk reduces in volume, becomes quite thick and changes the form and colour. This will turns to cream / sandal wood colour

Beautiful sandalwood colour

Add sugar to the thickened milk. Continuously stirring on medium heat, cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. By the end of this time, the milk-sugar paste further thickens and the texture looks like rava upma . Remove the pan from the heat.

Paala koova (Koya)

I scooped the kova into paper cups and decorated with almonds.

Paala Kova with Almond

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