Monday, 5 March 2012

Broccoli rice

Broccoli is considered as one of the most nutritive and delicious vegetables. It is highly recommended for vitamin C, and it is also believed that broccoli helps in preventing cancer. Why not we add this in kids diet. I have added this vegetable to the rice along with moong daal, which forms a healthy meal to the growing children.

Serves 1 toddler

Broccoli - 2 small florets
Skinned moong daal - 1 tbsp
Rice - 1 tbsp

Broccoli, skinned moong daal and rice

You can increase the proportions as per your child's capacity


Wash and roughly chop the broccoli into big chunks
Mix and wash the rice and moong daal.
Add 1/2 cup to 3/4th cup of water and cook till they are soft.

Remove from the fire, add pinch of salt and mash the mixture. You can also add little bit of ghee to this.

Feed the baby when it is still luke warm.

ఎవరికోచ్.... ఈ ... గోరు...ముద్దా...

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