Saturday, 3 September 2011

Vinaayaka chavithi

This is the festival which is the kids favourite. When I was a child, this is the most favourite festival for me. The reason is, unlike the other festivals where there is no involvement of kids, in this festival kids play an  important role by involving in lots of activities like collecting the pathri (leaves), decorating their books with swasthik, making the sandal wood paste, also making the moorthy with mud and decorate it as per their imagination.
As mom's part, she prepares five varieties of sweets and offer five varities of fruits as Lord Ganesh is fond of food. Ofcourse it is us who eats all those food. Oh., this description is nothing. Bottom line., I still have the same enthusiasm towards this festival.

I still love to do the moorthy by myself. I made the Ganesha moorthy with turmeric and decorated with Kumkum.

I have got a good collection of Ganesha moorthys. So celebrated the festival with all of them along with my hand made Go green Ganesh.

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