Sunday, 1 May 2011

Raagi Sangati / Millet Rice

Sangati with Bullet chilli curry

This is the recipe prepared at almost all house holds in Rayalaseema especially in the villages. This sangati is rich in Iron and easy to digest, as we use Raagi / millet flour in it. This is also the poor man’s most common recipe as it requires less quantity of rice that too of broken variety. There are two reasons for using the broken rice. One, broken rice are cheaper than the whole rice and second, gets cooked quickly than the whole rice. Hence I have also used the broken variety. Another interesting thing is, making the rice balls / Sangati mudha which is an art. In villages they use trimmed coconut branches which resembles the wooden spatulas. These sticks are very strong and they are bit longer than the usual wooden spatulas.

Here are the benefits of Ragi;

- Ragi meal is an Ideal food for diabetes and obese because its digestion is slow and glucose is released from the intestines very slowly into the blood.
- By eating ragi preparations the constant desire to eat will become less and supplies less calories for obese people.
- Due to its rich cellulose it is excellent laxative for constipation.
- Malt is a good food for children and supplies calcium in good proportions for bone growth and body development.
- Its regular use protects from malnutrition, degenerative diseases, premature old age and increases longevity.

Broken Rice – 1 cup
Raagi Flour – ¼ cup
Salt – ½ tsp

Wash and soak the rice in 3 cups of water for at least 30 minutes and cook the rice along with salt until it becomes very smooth. Now reduce the flame and add the raagi flour and cover it with cooked rice and close the lid for about 5 minutes.

Raagi flour added to the cooked rice

Now remove the lid and stir the sangati with wooden spatula or a wooden rolling pin and make it smooth without any lumps. Take a portion of sangati into a plate, dip your hand in cold water and  roll the sangati in the form of ball.
I prepare this recipe at least twice a week for my kids as this is very healthy and easily digestible. This can be eaten by 6 months baby to 60 years old person. We normally add a dollop of ghee to this raagi sangati and feed the babies. Adults or grown up children will eat with any gravies made up of vegetables or meat.
You know what, I love to eat with yogurt as well. Yummy..yummy

Sangati mudha with bullet chili gravy


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