Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sajja Idly / Sorgham / Bajra / Pearl Millet idly

Among Millets Bajra is the predominant crop in India. It is also called as Pearl Millet in Western Countries, it is a wholesome grain which has high nutritive value. It is usually very popular in the States of Maharashtra and Rajasthan in India. Generally people eat in winter season. It has the same quantity of protein as wheat. Bajra is rich in Iron, B vitamins, Thiamine, Riboflavin and niacin.

Generally roties made from the fine flour are eaten with various vegetables as main dish. It has some medicinal properties when bread is eaten with honey in the morning.
I just want to try some thing different from the normal rotis. I have succeeded in making idlis. I have used urad daal with skin.


Bajra / Pearl millet – 3 1/2 cups
Urad daal / Black gram – 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
Baking Soda – ½ tsp (Optional)
Salt - 1 tsp

Bajra / Millet & Urad daal with skin


Soak bajra and urad daal + Fenugreek seeds separately for atleast 6 hours.
Grind the Urad daal into fine paste and bajra bit coarsely.
Combine both the batters and allow it to ferment for at least 8 hours.

A fully fermented idly batter

Just before making idly, stir the batter thoroughly by adding salt,baking soda (optional) and pour 1 ladle of batter into each mould and steam.

Steamed Bajra idly

Bajra idly with Coconut & Corriander chutney

If you don’t have idli steamer, you can still steam them in any big container with lid, even a deep pan will do. If you do not have idli moulds you can use any small cup like containers.

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